Using cryptography to solve economic problems

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Cryptoeconomics usually refers to the study of participants in decentralized P2P networks. In the current article, I'm going to investigate how cryptography can be used in more traditional economics settings. The goal is to inspire myself or others with potentially interesting and yet unexplored areas of work. An important point to take into consideration is whether any of these theoretical models have actually found any use in the real world.

Existing cryptographic economics research

Cryptography in game theory

In Game Theory, a set of Players use information about choices and pay-off's in order to make decisions. However, in the real world, pay-off's of ourselves and others are often unknown. Various studies have theorized that proofs may be given about pay-off's, without the receiver having to know the specific pay-off's. Some valuable papers / materials:

Cryptography in voting schemes

Cryptography has been used extensively in Voting schemes. I'll mention one usage of cryptography which may be of interest:

Cryptography in auctions

Cryptography has been used extensively in auctions. An auction is a market mechanisms in which a price is rapidly established. Compare that to markets which reach an equilibrium price level through slow trial and error.

Next steps

I see a few possible ways in which the state of the art can be improved, in three levels of abstraction: